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Southern Star is the Raleigh area’s newest and most versatile venue for social events. Consider holding your parties, weddings, bridal showers,  baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs as well as corporate and charity events in our space.

We love any kind of gathering or celebrations.  Our space is available for private and group dance and fitness activities too.   This is something that our local dance and fitness professionals have been wanting for a long time.

Our prices are incredible, and you will not find a friendlier or more helpful staff anywhere!  Call us!  We’ll be happy to chat with you and answer all your questions.

Weddings, Venue & Space

SSBC is designed to be a blank canvas to use for whatever picture you want to create in terms of your classes, events and parties that require lease-able space. We are dedicated to offering an elegant, stylish, flexible and affordable space to meet your room and facility rental needs.

Be sure to check out the specific services we offer, found in the drop down menus at the top of this page…


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On February 28th, 2014, Jan Woychik wrote (in reference to our 4th Saturday dance):
“I want dancers to know what a great venue this is.  The wood floor is terrific.  The music selections was varied and more modern songs with the proper tempos were offered and the freedom to move room to room between music styles kept us dancing  (don’t know the Bolero?-move to the Swing room).  The speakers are placed in the ceiling so you hear the beat easily. Thanks for holding your dances on the fourth Saturday.  Now dancers have another Saturday to go out.”

On January 18th, 2014, Claudia Rogers wrote:
“What a wonderful dance last night! The ballroom is gorgeous and possibly the largest I have ever dance on. The selection of music was great – a variety of ballroom, West Coast swing, and Texas two-step. The songs were not too long or short, just the right length to enjoy a dance. The mood of the ballroom was comfortable and friendly. Everyone was there to dance and there was no lack of dancing partners. Unfortunately, I never got to the refreshment table (too busy dancing) but I’m sure it was great also. When is the next dance? You can count me in!!!!!”

On January 17th, 2014, P. Marie Brewer wrote:
***** (5 stars) “Beautiful!!”

Dance & Fitness Services

Types of Classes Available:

  • Drop In Style Dance & Fitness Classes
  • Drop In Style Dance Sessions
  • 6 & 8 Week Courses

***All students in attendance of any course or class cannot and will not hold SSBC or the teacher of any SSBC lessons or classes liable for personal injury or damage, etc. Just by simply attending a class or lesson, you acknowledge that dancing is a physical activity and can result in injury. Thereby you attend dance classes and lessons at your own risk.***

List of June Classes:

Mondays, June 2nd-30th:
All Day: Available for Private Lessons in Dixie Star Ballroom
10:30am: *Zumba w/ Tonia
7:00pm: Int-Adv Ballet (6WS – Already in progress)
7:00pm: Ballroom Sampler Class (Drop In Class-Rumba, Cha Cha, EC Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz)
8:00pm: Beginner Contemporary Dance (6WS – Already in progress)
8:00pm: *Line Dance w/ Joan
8:00pm: Club Dance Sampler Class (Drop In Class-Merengue, Nightclub 2step, WC Swing, Salsa, Cumbia)

Tuesdays, June 3rd-24th:
All day: Available for Private Lessons – Dixie Star Ballroom
10:30am: *Zumba w/ Tonia
6:00pm: *Zumba w/ Tonia
7:00pm: Beginner Social Dance Course (8WS – Already in progress)
7:00pm: *Silver Smooth Class w/ Kat
8:00pm: Tango Variations (Drop In Class)
8:00pm: *Silver Rhythm Class w/ Kat
8:00pm: Artistic Expression for Intermediate WC Swing (6WS – Already in progress)

Wednesdays, June 4th-25th:
All day: Available for Private Lessons – Dixie Star Ballroom
10:30am: *Zumba w/ Tonia
6:00pm: Beginner Line Dance (Drop In Class)
7:00pm: Intermediate Progressive Line Dance (Drop In Class)
7:00pm: Beginner Social Dance Course (6 Week Session starts 6/4)
8:00pm: Beginner Balboa (6WS – Already in progress)
8:00pm: Intermediate Twostep (Drop In Class)

8:00pm: Beginner Latin Club Style Course (6 Week Session starts 6/18)

Thursdays, June 5th-26th:
All day: Available for Private Lessons – Dixie Star Ballroom
7:00pm: Basic Social Dance Course (6 Week Session starts 6/5)
7:00pm: Intermediate West Coast Swing (Drop In Class)
8:00pm: Advanced West Coast Swing (Drop In Class)
8:00pm: Beginner West Coast Swing (Drop In Class)
9:00pm: West Coast Swing Practice (Free to Class Participants)

7:00pm: Beginner Carolina Shag Course (6 Week Session starts 6/19)

Fridays, June 6th-27th:
All Day: (until 6pm) Available for Private Lessons – Dixie Star Ballroom (Every Friday)

Fridays, June 6th and June 20th:
8:00pm: (until 10:30pm) Social Dance Practice Party (1st & 3rd Fridays ONLY)

Saturdays, June 7th-28th:
All Day: (until 6pm) Available for Private Lessons – Dixie Star Ballroom

Saturday, June 7th:
3pm-12am: Triangle Westie MashUp

Saturday, June 14th:
8pm-10pm: Open House

Saturday, June 28th:
8pm-???: Dance Connection (4th Saturday-3 Room Dance)

Sundays, June 1st-29th:
6:00pm: *Zumba w/ Tonia


"We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance! ~ Japanese Proverb"

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