Dance Classes & Lessons

Southern Star is a social dance club i the triangle area of NC!

Private Lessons are great for those interested in focusing on a specific goal or want to learn lightning fast! Because you can zero in on your learning rate and specific dance goals you will learn much more quickly on private lessons. They are also more flexible and schedule them at your convenience but for those same reasons, they are the most expensive way to learn. Private lessons range from $80-90 per lesson based on the package you choose. To learn more about Private lessons, click here.

Group Classes are more affordable than Private lessons, but you are forced to focus on specific dances offered and not flexible in terms of schedule. We have 2 types of group classes; Drop in classes and 6 week courses…

Drop In Group Classes:
Drop In Group pricing is $13 per class and Guest pricing is $15 per class. These classes are marked on the calendar by the code “Di” and each class generally builds on the previous week’s class within the same month, but are true drop in style classes. To learn more about Drop In Group Classes, click here.

6 Week Courses:
Member’s pricing for 6 week Dance Courses are $75 per person early bird pricing for the entire 6 weeks (unless otherwise noted in class description). Early bird runs our 7 days prior to the class start date. Within 7 days add $10 to registration price ($85). Classes will consist of 45 minutes of instruction and 5 minutes of supervised practice (unless otherwise stated by the teacher). You will need to plan on 50 minutes to 1 hour for each weekly class. The first class in each series is marked on the calendar by the code “6WS” and subsequent classes are identified by the “#” of the class. To learn more about 6 Week Course Classes, click here.

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***All students in attendance of any course or class cannot and will not hold Southern Star Dance Club, NCDanceSport or any teacher affiliated with lessons or classes liable for personal injury or damage, etc. Just by simply attending a class or lesson, you acknowledge that dancing is a physical activity and can result in injury. Thereby you attend dance classes and lessons at your own risk.***