Our Story

Southern Star was the brainchild of Shari Huggett-Milton. For years, Shari had been suppressing ideas of opening a “community center” of sorts for the dance community. Dance being her first real love, Shari has been teaching Ballroom, Latin, Country and Swing styles for around 25 years. That career has blessed her beyond measure with so many wonderful friends, several successful businesses, skills, fur babies and let’s not forget the most recent love of her life, her husband, Matt Milton. While Shari, over many year’s, envisioned the idea of Southern Star, she knew it would be a lot of work and determined, she didn’t want to work that hard. So, she continued to suppress the idea, but God had a different plan.

Having come to her faith later in life than most, Shari began to see that God had placed a calling on her life and that calling became Southern Star. Once she decided to embrace her calling, it was a simple thing to do… still a lot of work and challenging, but simple just the same. It took us 2 years to find the money and then the location. After that, it was 6 months to build out and now we’ve been open for 3+ years… growing every year as we continue to follow God’s path for us.

Southern Star is a unique and welcoming place to all. Our culture and philosophy is simple… treat others as we would like to be treated, with honesty and integrity. To offer elegant and sophisticated space and services at an affordable rate and to encourage others to be there best version of themselves in whatever they do while enjoying the journey.