Room Rental

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Are you a dance or fitness professional looking for space to rent for classes and lessons? Are you a person or group looking for a place to practice or rehearse? This is the place for you!

Southern Star is your central location to meet, train and prepare your clients for yours and their dance and fitness goals. The facility features the Master Ballroom, a dedicated 2500+ sq. ft. room for private lessons, individuals and couples practicing, Monday through Thursday. This shared space allows you lower the cost of floor rental and be flexible with your schedule. We also offer the Mezzo Ballroom, 1500+ sq. ft. and the Minor Ballroom, 900+ sq. ft. Both rooms dedicated to Private and Group dance and fitness classes, available by appointment only. These are priced on a sliding scale to help you keep your costs down.

Our rooms for rent are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! Rental is hourly and charged based on the number of persons using the space per hour. (Please note this could include parents and non-class attendees, please inquire with management for more info) These rooms must be booked ahead of time to guarantee availability. All room rentals have access to our exclusive Gentleman’s & Ladies’ lounges, complete with showers and dressing area. Please contact for scheduling!

  • Private Lesson/Class Rates- Shared Room: (Master or Mezzo Ballroom)

Multiple Private lessons and/or couples practicing in the same room with shared music system. Prices are per hour.

One Couple practicing only                                        $10
1-2 people w/ instructor or 1 couple, scheduled Monday-Thursday   $15

  • Private Room: (Mezzo or Minor Ballrooms)

1 Private lesson occupying the room in it’s entirety with personal music system. Prices are per hour.

1-2 people with instructor scheduled Monday-Sunday                $20

  • Group Lesson/Class Rates: Private Room: (Mezzo or Minor Ballrooms)

Up to 5 people + Instructor(s)                                    $20
6-15 people + Instructor(s)                                       $25
16-25 people + Instructor(s)                                      $30
26-50 people + Instructor(s)                                      $40
51 or more people + Instructor(s)                                 $50

Please call for specific rates any classes over 65 people.